Q. Where can I find your artwork?
A. My primary shop is on Etsy and can be found here. I also have art available at 413 Glassworks Gallery in Cheshire, MA.

Q. Do you do special orders/custom work?
A. No. I'm sorry. At this time I am not taking customized/commissioned work.
Q. What is your education/art background?
A. My mother was a pastel/charcoal artist, and taught me various art methods from early childhood. I studied on my own for years, and have taken many online courses. I did the arts and crafts festival circuit for years. I taught art at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Academy to grades pre-k through 8. I have taught one on one and in workshop environments. My work has been exhibited in Barrington, RI, and is represented at 413 Glassworks Gallery in Cheshire, MA.

Q. Are you available to teach workshops or retreats?
A. Yes. Please contact me here.

Q. How do you balance managing a large family and working/creating?
A. I suppose that is the biggest challenge. My husband and I both work out of our in-home studio, so we trade off time where we each have our own time locked away to create, while the other maintains house and home. We love to include our children as often as possible in our creative endeavors. But for those times when a deadline has to be met, we step in and let the other work uninterrupted. The children understand the difference between when the door is open and it's "fun time" in the studio, and when it is closed for serious concentration on work. We have a fairly smooth system, but every now and then, our four year old's big brown eyes get the best of me. Okay... every day. But I try to make up for it when he is busy with his other alias, saving the planet as Iron Man. ;)


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