Monday, August 13, 2018

Switched from dot com to dot studio!

Ever done something stupid? Like, so cosmically stupid it turns your entire business on it's side, and you find yourself in a whirlwind of "not panic" while you  shuffle and stumble about to repair the damage you've done? Ya. It's that kind of a day.

I own a quite a few domains. I've lost a few. But there were two domains I told myself never to be careless with. This site being one of them. I had my payments set to automatic renew. For years, everything went smoothly. But then, as I began to focus as much on my writing as on my art, I got tired of networking with two personalities, and decided to focus on "ME" as the core of my business. is home base, and all of my other businesses branch from there. I use that email for everything except the specific glitter and grunge social media notificiations and....... the domain name reminders.

Oh, I told myself to check the email regularly. Yep. Told myself.

It expired. I can get it back if I sell a kidney. Not willing to do that. So, I registered a new domain today, I like it.

I'm a pretty easy going gal. I screwed up. The world is still spinning. I need to order new cards. I'll deal.

Now, off I go to change every link I can think of. ;)

Keep on finding the glitter amidst the grunge! 

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