Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Anniversary Get-A-Way...

 Yesterday was our 30th Anniversary.
Our idea of a get-a-way may not be everyone's romantic fantasy... but in our book, it doesn't get any better than exploring the beautiful New England coast with our sweet loves.
We've been through a lot this last couple of years, and our kids have been amazing through it all.
They take everything in stride, and truly seem to appreciate the simple joys in life.
I couldn't imagine celebrating without them.

We spent part of the day at the gorgeous Beavertail Lighthouse and grounds.
It is one of the most beautiful, peaceful locations I've visited... Ever.
I imagine that on a weekend, it's much busier. But on Monday, there were very few other people, and we were all happily enjoying our own niches while taking in the amazing vistas in every direction.

The lighthouse itself, is beautiful. The original lighthouse was the third lighthouse built in the United States. This is the third incarnation, built in 1856. There is so much history here in New England. We could try our entire lifetime, and never explore it all. But, this will be one we will revisit. The museum was closed, so we will return soon for a homeschool visit.
 Dad and Caleb enjoyed reading the historic information posts, and exploring the harbor with their binoculars. The water was crystal clear, and the surface was sparkling like diamonds.
I couldn't get enough of the old buildings and the lush wildflowers everywhere.

 But, of course, the kids could not wait to climb down the cliffs to get a closer look at the tide pools and the water's edge. I have to say, it was a bit humbling to be so close to what cannot be ignored as the sheer power of the ocean meeting the rocks. It's easy to feel very small and vulnerable, while at the same time get caught up in the amazing beauty of it all. It's one of those "soul stirring" places.
 Nothing instills bravery like a father's hand.
And he never let go.
But, they explored all the nooks and crannies together.
 The tide started coming in, and we made our way back up.
 I love how my girls like to be alone... together.
 My littlest love was so full of the awe and wonder of it all.
 I with everyone could experience the world like a child.
There would only be peace and love for the earth and everyone on it.
 Hubby had to call me back down the path to take a photo of this tiny orange flower growing between the rocks on the cliff. "Life finds a way"...
 This was one of my favorite captured moments of the day.
Such a mingling of strength and beauty, power and gentility.
 Thankful to the young couple who agreed to take a photo of us together.
When did my middlest boy get so tall?
I love these people sooooo much.
 We drove back over the bridge from Jamestown, and headed for one of our favorite place, Galilee.
After an amazing dinner at George's, we enjoyed frolicking on the beach until sunset.
 Some earlier visitors had created a few impressive sand sculptures, and we had fun pretending we had made them for some photo ops ;)
 My sweetheart echoed the gift I had given him earlier in the day,
with his own hand drawn heart in the sparkling sand.
 Our littlest guy couldn't resist the call of the waves.
 My biggest guy couldn't resist the call of mischief. I finally convinced him that might be the plug keeping all the water where it belonged on planet earth, and he should leave it alone.
I am pretty sure there were 10 rolling eyes as I turned to take more photos.
But hey.... Someone has to be the grown up!!!
 Hannah just wanted to get a few nice pictures with her little sister.
But yes... Rebekah is that sister.
She just needs to figure out that "rabbit ears" only works from behind.
 She's awful cute though.
This might be my favorite picture of her.
Hannah and Caleb say she gets away with murder because of those dimples.
I plead the 5th.
 Caleb enjoyed exploring the beach and creating sand paintings on the rocks.
Just thinking as I look at this photo...
My loudest child is also my quietest child.
 More rock climbing adventures.
 And we couldn't let the day go by without a little martial arts on the beach!
 Daddy and Jake showing off some front jump kick skills.
 Thirty years with this man...
I know a long lifetime could never be enough.
I treasure every moment with him.

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