Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Work In Progress.... 
This piece has been propped in a corner of my studio for over a year. I really loved her. Then, I went too far with some details, and "lost the magic". But, there was something about her I really loved, so I didn't want to tamper with her too much. As time went on, I added tons of colors to her background. Every time I had left over paint, it got brushed, smudged, and otherwise plopped on the canvas. Last night, I decide it was time to Either cover her up entirely, or sand away some layers to try to rediscover what I loved and rekindle the creative flow. I sort of love this messy stage. As I've mentioned before, I have a real "thing" for unfinished artwork.  But, I have to build more on this one. This is just one small 8x8 space on a canvas that's about 24x36. There are some embellishments on the canvas that have to be worked back in to it.

I love imperfections. I think they only make art... and life... more beautiful. Here's to hoping I can get her finished, while maintaining her beautiful imperfections.

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