Sunday, August 3, 2014

An Old Boat...

There are days... Do you ever have them? Days when I feel like this old boat. Days when I feel left behind, stranded, longing for the water, but thinking I wouldn't have what I need to stay afloat if the tide ever came in this far. Some days my ego even pinches a bit, knowing that my prime has passed, my beauty is decaying, and I'm a little more than chipped away at the edges.

The shame of  it all is that when I was ship shape, I had no navigation. I floated about aimlessly, and was tossed about in storms I was unprepared for. When the seas became too deep, too rough, I allowed myself to be run aground. I anchored myself far from the rolling surf. Safe and sure was more precious to me than journeying.

But all is not lost. Those ropes look like hope to me. Ropes to throw out to others in need. Ropes to throw out for others to tug me if need be. In that safe place, the ocean was never out of sight. The horizon was scanned. The stars were studied. As the years passed by I have focused on the destination. I have learned how to navigate. I have let go of the cargo that weighed me down. I have chosen my crew carefully. I have found the courage to enter the deep sea of possibilities.

I guess this is all the lessons of youth and wisdom. Or is that youth VS wisdom. 

I sure wouldn't mind having some of that youth back. Coupled with this wisdom, I would have done amazing things. But, you know what? I would not trade the wisdom for the youth. I may be exhausted. I may be sore. But, I am stronger in so many ways than I was way back when. I am ready.

Unlike that boat, my holes won't make me sink. My ability to float (or walk) on water, do not rely upon my corporal state. I am a firm believer in the philosophy that I am not a body with a spirit, but a spirit with a body. And that spirit has so much more control over where the journey leads, and how well I will hold up along the way.

And on another note.... I find things much more beautiful when they are old and worn... and wise.

Let the journey begin....

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