Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Arts Guild Goings Ons...

I'm feeling really excited about the new work I'm doing with the Arts Guild of Woonsocket.
I shared some ideas at our meeting last week that met with a lot of positive response, and I was asked to jump on board as the new publicity person. Kind of ironic, me... the hermit... a publicity person. But, stranger things have happened, and a lot of the background work is done from home.
The wheels in my noggin' haven't stopped spinning since I got home that night. I can't wait to meet with Connie tomorrow to brainstorm some more and show her the projects I've been working on.

In the meantime... Check this out!
Just one of the MANY amazing things the guild offers to the community is art classes. This class was part of the Creative Canvasses series hosted at Stage Right Studio.

Check out those exposed brick walls!!!
I am so happy just being in that space, and I can't wait to bring my work
down to hang on those gorgeous walls.

Last night's class was "Big Flowers" taught by the very talented, Claire Achilles.
Claire was my introduction to the guild, and she is the sweetest lady. I am in awe of her painting and teaching abilities. I hope to be able to join in on one of the classes eventually.

Can you believe how great everyone's paintings came out?
I think these are the BEST sampling of work I've seen come out of one of these social painting events.

Such a great environment to work in. Love the set up.

Can't wait to share more with all of you! This is a fantastic group of artists, artisans, and musicians. Looking forward to all of the upcoming shows and events.

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