Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Belt Bracelet Fun!

(Click on the picture to visit details about the course!)
 I've been taking a couple of creative business courses this summer. There is so much information, inspiration, and motivation swirling through my brain, and flowing through my actions. But it's so big, I can hardly get my head wrapped around it all. After I finish the courses, I will share a bit of how they have positively affected my business and home life.

But in the meantime... I needed an outlet that I could put to good use. I love incorporating my art into jewelry pieces, and I've been wanting to make some chunky bracelets and cuffs. When I saw that Christy Tomlinson was offering a workshop on her Belt Bracelet technique, I couldn't sign up fast enough! Mike and the kids are loving it too! It's not all that different from the leather and metal tooling that Mike and the boys have done while on scouting camping trips. But, there's the "artsy/bling" twist that we gals love! My Rebekah is very enthusiastic about making these with mom. I bought some pretty bezels to set my art in, and we'll mount those to our bracelet/cuffs. Can't wait to get all of the supplies we ordered!!! Looking forward to rainy days :)

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