Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Perfectly Imperfect Day...

My Sacred Sunday was a mix of rain, getting caught up on dishes, trying to see the bright side, and grabbing moments where I could find them. This one was my favorite. Between rain showers, Jacob helped me explore around the yard a bit. He hopped up our front stairs, and as I pointed the cell phone at him, he gave me his classic head tilt. Sigh.... I love this kid. He literally takes all my "boo-boos" away with his sweetness and thoughtfulness. I am a lucky mommy.

As the day progressed, the gloomy clouds gave way to bursts of sunshine, and we even salvaged enough day to cookout and have a campfire with our dear friends. It was a great way to conclude Rebekah's birthday weekend. Sundays have a great way of putting things in perspective, if we let them.

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