Thursday, June 12, 2014

You're Still The One...

Oh.... To have this youth and physical health, combined with the wisdom and strength that comes with age.  But I wouldn't trade our journey together for anything. So young and so in love, with each other, and our sweet little pre-school aged twins. Those were our "Heavy Metal" years. Many lessons learned... stretching those talent wings, facing life's challenges, maintaining the core of who we are against the temptations and pull of the world. We pushed past some of our self-made boundaries. We discovered what was most important. We made some dear friends, gained a precious family member... and lost another. Joys and sorrows, strengths and weaknesses, love and pain, all part of the the molding on the master potter's wheel.

Much has changed since the beautiful summer day this photo was taken. I am just so happy to still be so madly in love with this guy <3

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