Saturday, June 21, 2014


This is certainly not the best snapshot ever. I took it on my ipad mini from the back porch. But, it's one of those moments I did not want to miss. It wasn't worth running for the good camera, and/or trying to get a better composition. It was one of the thousands of everyday, precious moments I wanted embedded in my heart and mind forever.

Today could quite possibly be one of the top five weather days this year. It could even be the #1, but I'm an optimist. :)  It also happens to be a Saturday when daddy didn't have to leave for work early, AND.... it's the first day of summer!

The kids were outside before breakfast. In fact, they took breakfast outside with them. They've been swinging, sliding, building forts, and have been engaged in secret missions. Oh... and enjoying lots of freeze pops and ice cream cones.

This is summer at our house. It's freedom and imagination, sunshine and laughter, learning and growing, from the early morning chirping birds, until the lightening bugs come out at night. I will admit that I secretly worried homeschooling might take away from the magic of summertime. But, it hasn't. There's something about the change in the air that invites childhood into every heart... a slowing down... an appreciation for the good things, and the time to savor them.

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