Saturday, June 7, 2014

Snapshot Saturday...

I am not huge on self portraits, but I wanted to share this one because I am thrilled to be doing this one thing in my life that is completely and utterly for me. No, not in a mid-life crisis kind of way, but in an "I am too old to let other people decide who I am" kind of way. I have loved dreads for as long as I can remember. Five years ago, I began purchasing dread wraps on etsy. I would just curl my hair, and wrap the curls all messy in the layers of wrap. I guess I wasn't brave enough to deal with the "goofy" stage of early dreads. (and trust me, "goofy" just about hits the nail on the head). But lately I've feeling pretty darn brave, and waking up to the reality that this is my one earthly life, and I have spent too many years of it walking on eggshells of my own creation.

I'm a pretty lucky gal to have a husband who enjoys my delving into creative new things. His is the only opinion that matters, and he likes them, and "gets" me. So, I'm pretty thrilled to finally be sporting these tangled locks. I began them with a mix-match of methods, including back combing, twist and rip, and neglect/natural. Like so many other subjects, youtube is flooded with great tutorials on dreads. I started with this one because her's are my ultimate favorite look:

But, of all the Dread Videos I watched, Chris, from Lazy Dreads has a channel full of videos ranging from how to use various techniques to begin dreads, to maintaining, and a multitude of updates and Question and Answer Videos. He also has a facebook page, where he answers questions daily.

My husband says I should start a new blog called "The Dreaded Wife", but I think I'll just stick to sharing an occasional update here ;)

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