Monday, June 16, 2014

Painting for Friends...

This past week, tragedy hit our community, and more closely, our circle of friends. A three-family house burned to the ground, in a blaze that was so fast and fierce, that we are just thanking the Lord that everyone made it out safely. Two firefighters had to go to the E.R. The family members, including a family with two young daughters, made it out with only the clothes on their backs. The dad of this family is a friend. He is the leader of the local boy scout troop. He is also actively serving in our state's Army reserve. He and his wife just happen to also be the best friends of my cousin and her husband.

Our city has organized a large scale fundraiser for the house occupants. But my cousin wanted to do something fast, because these people need necessities now. She wanted them to leave her home with cash in hand to buy a few things to get them through this immediate period. So, she organized an event at her home. People paid a ticket price to attend, brought pot luck dishes, and items to raffle or auction. My cousin knows how to throw a party, and her family and friends are loving, generous folks, so the night was fun and successful.

Because of our work schedule, we weren't able to attend. But, Mike, Caleb, and I did the "Cold Water Challenge" for charity this week, and we donated our money to this family fire fund. I also painted the above pictured mixed media piece, "Roots and Wings" for the auction. I was happy it sold for a good price, and will help such a great cause.

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