Saturday, June 14, 2014

"Do Small Things With Great Love"...

This weeks' "Snapshot Saturday" image is being shared in hopes that it will inspire me to momentarily forget about the half finished canvases in my studio, and do the laundry and dishes cheerfully. Clearly, the fact that I am sitting at the computer, posting on my blog reveals how well that's going ;)

I think I shall play some videos from the Jeanne Oliver's business course, Building A Creatively Made Business 2.0 while I'm working. I love listening to all that inspiration and advice while going about my routine. It really charges my spirit, and gets those creative business gears churning!

The photo was taken while on a country drive one Sunday afternoon. Sometimes love is a hug. Sometimes it is a gift. Sometimes it is comforting a boo-boo. And often, it is in the carrying out of the duties of our everyday. They are usually referred to as "thankless", but if we look, we can see the appreciation. When our child snuggles into a blanket, takes a deep breath, and smiles at the fresh scent and softness. When our husband cannot resist a second helping of dinner. When the dog thinks you cleared off the ottoman just so she can lay down. :)

I was not born a domestic goddess. After thirty years, household chores are still the thorn in my rosy look at life. But I must confess that few things give me the same contentment and fulfillment as taking care of my family. I suppose it's that basic nesting instinct mamas tend to have. I am a work in progress...

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