Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Beautiful Day...


It's appreciating the "little things" in life that add joy to even mundane tasks. Every Sunday morning, my husband begins the long trek to work. Just as he enters the highway, there is a tree, which he deems, "his favorite tree" of the commute. I'd say he's been watching it grow since it was just a bit more than a seedling. Four seasons a year, it makes him smile as he is about to endure the long drive. (He's not a fan of driving, especially long distances). But, this tree centers him, gives him solace, as he gets on his way. There's a train track that peeks through a wooded area closer to work that always stirs something in him as well. And I'm sure there are countless other scenes along the coast that he breaths in as he drives. I have a feeling the "stuck up bridge" gives him a giggle every time, thinking about the kids seeking it out when we're together.

He has been wanting to stop to capture a photograph of this tree for a long time. I guess the sun shining through it's branches was too tempting today. All I know is it made me smile to open the text message with this picture. I can't wait for him to come home to us this afternoon. But, in the meantime, this little tree is adding a smile to hearts near and far on this gorgeous Sunday morning. :)

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