Friday, September 20, 2013

New Family Members...

After 28+ years of saying "Never", we broke down and decided to welcome a pet of the feline persuasion to our home. Meet Jeremiah and Ezekiel! We originally came home with just Zeke, but our hearts were being tugged away by Mr. Jeremiah left behind at the shelter. The next day, we ran back for him. And these two brothers couldn't be happier! While I don't fancy I will ever become a "cat person", I sure do appreciate the two of them keeping the mice away. That's one down side of an old house with a dirt-floored cellar. But these boys are doing a fine job, and keeping us all entertained. Well... all but the birds. But that's another story. The dogs love them though!!!
And the kiddos are pretty thrilled as well :)

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