Friday, August 2, 2013

New Adventures...

Ok, so by now, it is probably clear that I'm no expert blogger. I guess if I have to choose between being devoted to my blog, or my family, I'm happy to say that my family get's my time and attention. But..... I really.... REALLY want to find the balance of both.

I've been studying up on many things that I hope will help me balance my time better. It's no easy task to raise 6 kids and two puppies, build an art business from home, deal with life's curveballs, and find time to blog. But, ironically, adding one more major task to the whole jumble seems to be helping me a bit. This has been a long time coming. It's something Michael and I have desired for over a decade. We kept holding off for various reasons, including our own insecurities and worries that we weren't up to the task. Our hand has been forced at this point. After having children in the public school system for over twenty years, and riding out the continuing decline in the quality of education, we have decided to homeschool our children, all four of the school aged children, and our grand-daughter.

One thing that the Lord placed in our path prior to this decision was adopting a rational minimalist lifestyle. Clearing away a lot dust, both real and perceived has opened up possibilities we didn't have room for  before. The research I've been enveloped in has also helped me to grasp a bit more of a hold on time management. Hopefully, I will be spending a lot more time in the studio, and at least be able to sneak in a blog post a couple of times a week.

While I'm sure I will be sharing a few of our homeschool adventures here, have no fear, this will not become a homeschooling blog. I've set up a separate blog where I can journal our process. I added the link to the tabs here in case any of my homeschooling friends want to stay in touch there. It's going to be very raw, as we truly are a work in progress! We are very excited about this new adventure.

In the meantime, we are gearing up for Bible camp here, and my two youngest are participating  in a martial arts tournament this weekend. Yes. Have I mentioned before? We are all studying martial arts and some of us are really quite passionate about it. So far, we have two Little Dragon green belts, two orange belts, and three camouflage belts. This is something I never imagined or aspired to in my life, but I think the prospect of ringing in the big 5.0. as a black belt is pretty nifty!

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  1. You are one brave soul, along with your husband to take the journey into home school. It is a courageous challenge. My husband and I did it with our four, and our main purpose was to separate them from too much going on in the world, as my oldest son still had his difficulties in learning and concentrating as he had begun in public school, which was just too much of a distraction for him. My oldest daughter did remarkably well and went on to college to become a one-on-one teacher for handicap children, and then on to her own day-care. My second son began with home school until eleventh grade when we felt he needed more attention in math from a knowledgeable math teacher. He went on to college also, and majored in architecture which he is doing well and is attending the top rated architecture school in the world...Sci-Arc in Los Angeles. We are Christians too, and there are pros and cons about home school and public school and some children learn at their own pace, and sometimes the curriculum can be easy for one child and harder for the next one. It is a choice we made after our oldest son was so bullied in elementary school because he had severe allergies and was always made fun of because his nose was always running. And he did better one-on-one being taught.
    And some children get bored with public school because they catch on so quickly with their studies, and can grasp things without having to be taught an entire year on one subject. As there are so many different curriculum's 'out there' we chose one that the math, especially Algebra was so difficult as it was conspired/written by an astronaut who was probably a savant, whose I.Q. was off the charts. There is so much higher math which I think people will never use. Oh, well. It was Algebra 2 that almost didn't allow our middle son to graduate his senior year in home school, and we even showed our neighbor girl next door who was already in college, our son's math, and her reply was 'I have NEVER seen Algebra this difficult before. She couldn't even figure many questions out and she was a math major. So, if any of your children have trouble in math, make sure it is not over their head, or get an appropriate tutor, or friend who can help out.
    My husband was very good in math too, and he couldn't even figure out what formulas fit which math questions. Otherwise, besides math, I think most of the other courses are pretty much self-explanatory. If you have to put your kids in public school for math, I highly recommend it as it can mean the difference between being accepted at certain colleges after their get their home school diploma. Just some things I wish people would have explained to me, before we took our adventure doing home school. As some family do very well considering the curriculum.
    By the way, I am on 'the trodden path' and am now following your blog, and know you are an amazing instructor on 'the trodden path'. My sister Rebecca Howell-Gibson used to live with her four children and husband in Pepperell, but they are now in Minnesota. She is also on 'the trodden path' and in particular in the Cloth and Clay Doll workshop, which carried over from the original ning site.
    I know I should be emailing this to you as blogger will probably not accept the length of this comment!
    Nice making your acquaintance!
    Teresa in California



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