Thursday, November 8, 2012

The First Snowfall...

Can't believe we've had such an intense Nor'Easter already. Ice, snow, fierce wind, and bitter cold. I'm sure hoping this is not an indication of the winter we're in for! But the children enjoyed making snowballs and their first tiny snowman. We made home made chicken soup, fresh baked cookies, and hot cocoa. It was a great first snowfall. Now, I'm ready for summer. Yes, I know I skipped spring. LOL

Inside the studio, we're preparing for the holidays and Chloe's homecoming. It's like expecting a new baby. I'm in total nesting stage right now, and can't wait to hold that little darling. While I don't enjoy the cold, I do love the month of Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. It's a great time for reflection and keeping warm with the ones you love. Not an easy task in this old house, but we're bundled up and huddled close :)

I'll be posting on the art blog about the paintings I'm working on for an exhibit in December. That's been taking all of my creative energy!

Hope you're all staying warm, and letting your creative genius flow!


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