Friday, October 19, 2012

Meet Chloe and Bella!

I apologize for being a horrible blogger of late. There are so many things going on, and I usually drop of exhaustion at the end of the day, and think, "I'll have to blog about this tomorrow".
Then tomorrow comes and the happy craziness begins all over again!!!

We've made great strides working on our little studio/home. The art studio is all but finished, and ready for me to get to some serious work. Mike and the three oldest kids have been polishing up their songlists and are just about ready to hit the local scene, and Hannah has been having the new and exciting experience of going on auditions, which has been a positive and fruitful experience for her.

But, perhaps the biggest news of all??? Meet Chloe!!! Is she not PRECIOUS??? I am so in love with this sweet girl, and she's not even home yet!
When our miniature schnauzer, Merry,  died this past January, our hearts were broken. We thought it would be a long time 'til we were ready to open our hearts and home to a new four-legged family member. But after 23+ years of having a dog in our home, it just didn't feel completely like a home to us without one.

We considered another mini schnauzer because Merry made us fall in love with the breed. But it would be too much right now to have a look-alike friend with us. All we would be able to think about is Merry. So, we decided to search for dogs that needed rescuing, and we also began doing a lot of research on breeds, ages, training, etc. After a few unsuccessful attempts to connect with rescue groups, we started looking towards finding a labrador breeder.

We found a wonderful breeder in Dartmouth, MA who breeds yellow labs, specifically the English labs, which are our favorite. We spoke for weeks, and decided to put our names on a waiting list for an upcoming litter. On September 21st, she called to tell us that Malibu (mama lab) was in labor. The next day we learned that our girl was one of 3 girls born along with 4 boys.

Today, we made the hour long drive to choose Chloe from among the 3 girls. It wasn't easy, but we kept our heads, and made our choice based on all of the criteria we've been studying about choosing the correct puppy for your family and lifestyle. She sure seems to be an angel. She already fell asleep in Mike's arms, and solidified her new place in our hearts.

Now, the long wait for her to be old enough to leave her mom and littermates. She should be home with us by Thanksgiving, and I can only imagine the chaotic magical holiday that will be with our sweet girl learning the ins and outs of living with a bunch of kiddos in a working household.
Just to make the deal even sweeter, our nephew, Andrew, has been searching for a dog as well. Last week, he contacted a woman who had a 9 month old Husky who was just too much dog for her and her elderly cat to handle. Andrew went to meet them, and immediately, Bella, the husky, responded to him with trust and affection. The woman was so happy that Bella was going home with an active Eagle Scout who is committed to giving Bella an active life of outdoor activities and a loving family life. We are sooooo excited that Chloe will have a close friend in Bella, and cannot wait to go on hikes with both girls by our side.
So... that the scoop. Life around here has gone to the dogs!!! LOL. And we couldn't be happier. Should I even bother to tell you that I'll keep you updated on Chloe's progress? Hope you don't mind puppy and toddler pics because this site is going to overflow with them this Christmas :)

I'll post photos of the studio progress soon. I'm loving the new space!

Love & Blessings,

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