Saturday, July 14, 2012

Snapshot Saturday... Outdoor Studio

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I love having our children home with us. Every day is filled with laughter and adventures big and small. The only complication is trying to get a lot of work accomplished. Normally the kids play outside, and I paint by the kitchen window where I have  a full view of the yard while they play. But with two toddlers and a swimming pool, there is just no way I can let them play outside without me there to supervise every moment. Solution? An outdoor studio!

I think I have a pretty good system of portable caddies worked out for all of the supplies. Being New England, I have to be ready for the sunshine to give way to pouring buckets with only a moments notice! LOL! The small table is a great surface for adhering decorative papers and ephemera to the canvases, and the easel holds a larger canvas. I can go back and forth between backgrounds and detail work. I love working on about three paintings at once. If I get stuck on something, I can clear my mind by working on something else. It also keeps me working while waiting for things to dry.

The older kids can swim. (The pool is just out of this shot to the left of the easel). The little ones run all around the yard, and splash around in their wading pool, while I work. I've only had to dodge a few beach balls. And there was that one near disaster when two year old Jake got a hold of the garden hose!!! But for the most part, this has been an amazing week of work, while the kids played from sun up til sun down. I finished two abstracts and a mixed media piece, and I've started several others. If the temperatures reach too high, the paints will not work properly, but so far, so good. And the kids actually enjoy grabbing their own art supplies to create artwork around the picnic table. I'd say it's been a win/win situation for all of us!

Now, if I could just convince the housework to do itself... ;)

Have a beautiful week!

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