Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer's In The Air...

As we approached the end of the school year,
certain first graders were not at all happy about it :(

But our nephew, Andrew, was more than ready :)
We are so proud of him!!!

While our 4th grader enjoyed field trips with dad!

And our middle schooler is looking forward to
a summer of backyard music and voice lessons!

Our two year old continues to grab life by the fistfull
and embrace every moment with joy and enthusiam...
as well as taking the time to smell the flowers with mommy.

Oh... and play in the dirt "a little".

Summer vacation is off to a magnificent start.
Our Father's Day was filled with magical moments
including a sing-a-long by the fire.

And it feels like we are all blooming in the warm sunlight...

(And it only officially begins in two days!)

I hope all of you are having a wonderful season too :)

Blessings... Linda

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