Thursday, April 5, 2012

Storybooks, Dandelions, and Striped Tights...

It was a beautiful day today, and somebody wanted to walk home.
But big brother didn't feel like it.
So.... Daddy did what any dad who is wrapped around
his 6 year old daughter's finger would do...
He let her walk, and followed her home, driving at a snail's pace.
Oh... and took pictures, of course ;)
Then again... I understand. Not much cuter than a little girl walking home
 in her pink striped tights, holding onto a schoolbook
and a tiny dandelion for mom.


  1. So darling, Linda ! Sweet little girl with a pink coat and pink-striped! And love to Daddy for doing it. :o) Thanks for visiting my blog...nice to meet you! Happy Easter!



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