Saturday, March 31, 2012

Snowy spring morning in New England...

Lesson # 9,587,642(or so) I learned from a child...

This morning, I woke up thinking, "Great. Didn't win the lottery AND it's snowing?"

Jacob (my 2 yr old)  woke up, looked out the window, and in the most wonder-filled voice gently declared, "It's SNOWING!"

Before we are tarnished with the desires of this world, we are full of the knowledge that every day is a gift... a treasure even, and we are happy for whatever way it's wrapped.

My wish for today is that we'll all accept the gift of this day and use our energy and talents to make it the best day possible, not only for ourselves... but for someone else as well. (Hubby already made mine better by making the coffee while I type... LOVE that guy!)

Blessings... Linda

PS... Just for perspective.... that photo of the band in the last post was taken a week and a half ago! It was in the 70s, all the trees were budding, and the bulbs were blooming! Gotta love New England. And I do ;)

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