Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Happy St. Patrick's Day"

St. Patrick's Day was always a special day for our family. Despite the fact that we're quite the "mutts", my mom took pride in all of our heritages. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with just as much passion in honor of her Irish grandmother... as we did St. Joseph's Day, two days later for her Italian mom. As I grew in my faith, the day took on all the more meaning for my own family.

Ironically, her mom (my grandma) died on St. Patrick's day. Can't help but think of her all day, each year.

But it's also the day our most beloved doggie friend came to our doorstep many years ago. We named her Bonnie Machree♥

And our middle son, Caleb, was baptized on St. Patrick's Day.

It's a day filled with memories and celebrations, joys and tears, and lots and lots of green food (thanks to my mom who added a special touch to every holiday for us kids.) Tonights dinner... Shepherd's Pie (appropriate, no?) And the potatos will be green, of course :)

Love and miss you mom. And today I feel like I miss grandma for both of us♥

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