Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolution...

We all think about resolutions at this time of year. Sadly, I've read more and more folks posting on blogs and social network sites, that they have abandoned New Year's resolutions. I understand the motive. As many have explained, those darned resolutions set us up for failure. We defeat ourselves before we even begin by making a huge list of things we want to improve upon "this year". Usually, it's a lifelong challenge, but this is the year, we resolve to finally beat it.

No wonder we fail.

And what a shame that we begin the year by focusing on our weaknesses. That's not really a positive way to start anything, now is it?

Though, something about abandoning resolutions really tears at my heartstrings. There's something good about reflecting, and commiting on growing. I, personally, believe that growth is essential right up until the moment of death in order for us to live a fulfilled life. I like the idea of never giving up on myself in areas where I know I ought to "do better".

Wishes, Dreams, Plans... Those are all great.  But without a little resolve, most of us never graduate past the dream stage. And what good is a dream that doesn't come true? I want my reality to be my "dream life". And for the most part it is. But that is totally the result of dreams+resolve=Living that dream.

So.... as I've pondered this thoroughly, I've come to some conclusions...

I am convinced that we fail at our resolutions because all we do is focus on the negatives, but have no plan... no goal as to HOW to turn those into positives. I think rather than focus on the negative things we want to avoid, or change, we should focus on what positive thing we can focus on to be all that we "dream" we can be.

I've been thinking about my typical resolution lists over the years. Usually they have the same biggies on them. Rather than looking at them individually, I tried to discover the root cause. Then, instead of focusing on that cause, I decided to find the virtue, or practice... good habit, you might say... that would best aid in the overcoming of the challenges I want to conquer.

I've combined that thought process with what some of my friends have done the past couple of years... adopting a "word" to live by. In fact, it's a word that has popped into my life many times this past year. And I've already put it to practice a few times, and seen amazing results. My word for 2012 is:

sparkle -

When I'm feeling lazy,
When I'm stuck in creative cement because of undue perfectionism,
When I'm feeling an attack of insecurity
When I'm floundering on decisions...
will be the word I use as a prompt to inspire me.

That is my resolve for 2012... To take action.

Ironically, 2011 has catapulted me into this mindset. There are some major uncertainties awaiting me in the coming weeks. I am a bit scared. But I know that no matter what happens, it will require action. And I am resolved not to lose focus, or lose heart. One of my favorite movies ever is Meet The Robinsons. Two great lessons are merged, which are such gifts to live by. One is "letting go", and the other is that as long as you keep at it, there's no such thing as failure... just another step in the process of learning what works and what doesn't. So, even if things should not turned out as I hope and pray... I will pull up my big girl bloomers, and take action to make things better. All we can do is move forward. And I intend to do that with gusto in 2012.
This is the second year, that my resolution is more of a theme, you might say. For 2011, I chose the serenity prayer. I must share that it had miraculous affects on me. In every situation, I was able to remember that prayer, and let go of what I couldn't change, immediately! It's true! No wallowing on useless worries, etc. What a gift! And I was able to focus my strength on dealing with the things I could change. It's the ultimate "choose your battles" prayer. And it got me through some tough times with true grace. I've decided to keep it as my life's motto.

"Happy New Year"
Dear Friends.
I pray you all have a 2012
overflowing with blessings and joy.

* Reposted here from my old Linda Pinda Designs blog


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