Monday, November 28, 2011


I just read a most interesting quote, "Think narrow to hit big. The way to crack a massive stone is to find the single point of weakness. The same is true with most things. Don’t worry about a million things. Work on the one that cracks the big stone open." (Chris Brogan)

Hmmm... All these thoughts flooded in. Seems like every successful person I admire, whether their endeavors were business, family life, or on a larger spiritual scale, followed that same advice. We've all heard the story of the millions of star fish on the beach, and the person  throwing them back one by one... And one of my all-time heros, Mother Theresa, often spoke about how the only way to deal with the massive poverty and illness was one precious person at a time.

I've shared before about how my perfectionism can be paralyzing at times. And the irony is that my house and business are a mess. I have a thousand half-started projects. I need to start focussing on the individual pieces that need to be dealt with rather than always looking at the whole picture. I need to take action, and find that "single point of weakness", in order to crack the stone of perfectionism, and move forward.

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