Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Beautiful Day...

Today was our 27th anniversary. It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed a delightful breakfast at our favorite country breakfast place... cottage windows overlooking a little pond... perfect. Then we drove the New England backroads and took picture after picture... after picture of the landscape with a thousand stories.

I took this picture of "us" to remember the day. It's a self-portrait of sorts. Makes me think of it as a portrait "through his eyes", which I am most sure is "my best side". For over 30 years he has not only tolerated my many faults, but has claimed they add to my charm. And he is my biggest fan. Always believing in my every artistic dream and endeavor. I must say... the feeling is mutual. I think that's the secret of true love, don't you? No one is perfect. But the secret is to find the one who is perfect for you...

Our favorite part of the day was spending it with our 25th Anniversary "present", our Jacob. He made it all new, wonderous, and so spectacularly joyfilled. Every moment was filled with a precious memory I will cherish forever.

Of course, the afternoon and evening were full of the usual homework, school open-houses, middle school dances, and all the other events that take over a life. But those few wonderous hours were beautiful.
"Happy Anniversary Michael"

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