Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free Kindle Apps Download...

Best Tip of the week is either going to make you love me or laugh your head off at the fact that someone who is living in the technology "dark ages" has any tech tips at all :D
But... I am one excited gal right now!!!
I've been wanting to take one of the online courses from Kelly Rae Roberts, but timing and resources keep escaping me. So, I figured the change of season and cold Autumn nights was the perfect timing to at least purchase her book, "Taking Flight". I was thrilled to find it on Amazon.com. But.... then..... I could hardly believe my eyes!!! When I went to purchase the book, I noticed it was available in minutes through Kindle. Well... I don't have a kindle. WELL... Miss Pinda, hold on to your hat.... you can download FREE Kindle applications onto a variety of technological wonders... including... your very own PC!!!
I'm telling you... In less than 2 minutes. Seriously 2 minutes.... I had the kindle app downloaded to my PC and had "Taking Flight" purchased and downloaded as well.
Now... if you're like me, you might be saying "well... I like the feel of the old book between my fingers as I read". Yep. me too. And I can't imagine any electronic device ever taking the place of my book collection. But... this particular type of book is something I like to have on hand and available with the click of the mouse for ongoing information. I like to keep my art, business, and mentoring info right beside where I work and keep in contact with the art community. So, my laptop is the perfect "bookshelf" for work related info and inspiration.
Ok... I'm sure a good few of you are giggling at my infantile knowledge of such technological offerings. But I hope for the one or two of you, who, like me, are not on the forefront of gadgetry use, will enjoy this newfound information useful, and enjoyeable as well :D

 From Amazon.com

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