Monday, August 13, 2018

It's a Glitter & Grunge Thing Mug

"It's a Glitter & Grunge Thing"
11oz Mug 
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Switched from dot com to dot studio!

Ever done something stupid? Like, so cosmically stupid it turns your entire business on it's side, and you find yourself in a whirlwind of "not panic" while you  shuffle and stumble about to repair the damage you've done? Ya. It's that kind of a day.

I own a quite a few domains. I've lost a few. But there were two domains I told myself never to be careless with. This site being one of them. I had my payments set to automatic renew. For years, everything went smoothly. But then, as I began to focus as much on my writing as on my art, I got tired of networking with two personalities, and decided to focus on "ME" as the core of my business. is home base, and all of my other businesses branch from there. I use that email for everything except the specific glitter and grunge social media notificiations and....... the domain name reminders.

Oh, I told myself to check the email regularly. Yep. Told myself.

It expired. I can get it back if I sell a kidney. Not willing to do that. So, I registered a new domain today, I like it.

I'm a pretty easy going gal. I screwed up. The world is still spinning. I need to order new cards. I'll deal.

Now, off I go to change every link I can think of. ;)

Keep on finding the glitter amidst the grunge! 

It's a Glitter and Grunge Thing

"It's a Glitter & Grunge Thing" tote!
Available now. 
Click on the image for details!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Blackstone Valley Art Association

I joined the Blackstone Valley Art Association recently. I am really excited about their active participation and the shows they exhibit in. There are many classes, workshops, and open "art days" where artists just enjoy sharing creativity and fellowship. If you're a local artist, check them out here!

You can also "like" and "follow" their page on facebook

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ragamuffin Realm

I recently made the decision to give all of my ragamuffins their own home! It's still my art, and I will continue to share new pieces here. But because my styles of art are so different, I felt this collection deserved to be highlighted in its own special place.  There may be times when I do local shows or exhibits with just my mixed media landscapes/abstracts or just my "Ragamuffin Realm". Thus, I wanted them to have their own identity for those occasions. I don't think of these sweethearts as a separate business, as much as a special collection. The one where love rules, and my heart is always at home. I hope you will love them and the stories they evoke as much as I do. 

Ragamuffin Realm


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